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Santucci’s Original Square Pizza is offering the opportunity to open pizza franchise locations across the US, including new locations and conversions, single locations and multi-location agreements.

Instead of taking the risk of building your own restaurant business, benefit from a brand with over 60 years of proven growth and success.

Santucci’s offers the rare opportunity to leverage a 60-year off brand. Having the Santucci’s logo and a sign that says, ‘Established in 1959’ will place you miles ahead of a new business idea. With our model, all of your food ingredients will be shipped to you, allowing time to focus on your business and not on procuring supplies and extensive prep training. You can operate with a kitchen staff that possesses a can-do attitude and good work ethic, rather than expert chefs that require high dollar salaries. We make it simpler to start your business and to make it a success.


Franchised businesses account for 801,000 establishments in the US in 2016. Of those, 2.3 percent of all non-farm business establishments are owned by a franchisee or franchisor.

These franchised businesses directly provided nearly 9 million jobs, met a $351 billion payroll, produced $868 billion of output and added over $541 billion of gross domestic product (“GDP”).

Pizza franchise opportunities and restaurant businesses are a solid option and choosing the Santucci’s Original Square Pizza brand is a secure decision.


With an investment that is commensurate with other restaurant opportunities, Santucci’s Original Square Pizza is within reach for many candidates. Learn more here about the financial requirements for opening your new restaurant under the Santucci’s Original Square Pizza franchise agreement.

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We make it our mission to prepare our pizza franchise and restaurant business partners for the best possible success at their new location. We provide the training you need to get started and provide ongoing support for your operation.

We begin with Corporate training that informs you about our business processes, then move to kitchen and food education that will allow you to prepare all our excellent Santucci menu items.

Finally, we provide on-site support and coaching during your opening week. Learn more about our training programs and the details of what you will learn.

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In the US alone, there are an estimated 3 billion pizzas sold every year, and 93% of Americans will eat pizza at least one time in the next 30 days. The market is large and growing, and franchise opportunities that have pizza as an offering are poised for a solid return. Our unique product stands out from anything else that is being offered as a pizza franchise and restaurant business option.

Learn more about our market. Contact us today to learn more about the opportunities in your area.

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