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Santucci’s Original Square Pizza was founded by the late Joseph and Philomena Santucci. Their incredible story began in South Philadelphia at 10th and Carpenter, where they first started their family. In 1959, they moved to Northeast Philadelphia and opened the very first Santucci’s Original Square Pizza on “O” Street in Juniata Park. Their family recipe for making pizza in a square pan with the sauce on top of the cheese was considered unconventional at first, but quickly became a pizza staple for lunch and dinner at restaurants in Philadelphia.

Joseph and Philomena always dreamed about building a strong, family business they would eventually leave to their children. Their son, Frank, always envisioned the family business becoming more than just an average mom and pop pizzeria. Frank took over the business in 1976, allowing his mother and father to retire from their years of hard work. Frank maintained the name and quality of the pizza for over forty years at the original location on “O” Street.

As our family grows, we are blessed to say, so has the Santucci brand. Under their fathers Frank’s guidance, Alicia and Blake, Frank Jr. and Anthony have once again modernized and expanded the brand, providing hundreds people across Philadelphia with great pizza, brunch, lunch, and dinner at the restaurant, while maintaining the original recipe that so many people have come to know and love. With the third generation joining the Santucci tradition and a number of new locations covering Philadelphia and the South Jersey Shore, we are excited for what the future holds for our family business. Our family is forever grateful for the continued support from so many loyal customers and followers of our restaurants! Thank you for joining us in New Jersey and Philadelphia for brunch, lunch, and dinner at Santucci’s pizza restaurant!